3 great tips to easily clean your garlic press

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Super practical to use, it is much less when it comes to cleaning it.Here is how to get rid of garlic residue in seconds without the hassle.

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In the register of life-changing kitchen utensils, the garlic press is probably in the top 5.Cutting a garlic clove into small cubes is a no-name chore, simplified by this little device that drastically reduces time and expense.Workload Problem: It is really painful to clean Garlic tips get stuck in gaps, holes, and refuse to be dislodged Fortunately, there are methods to remove them without bothering to rub in vain with the green side of the sponge.We tell you everything!

Clean your garlic press with a toothpick

This tip may not be the one that saves you the most time, but it will probably be the most precise and efficient.Use a toothpick to loosen any small pieces of garlic stuck in the corners of the utensil.Thanks to the pointed end, you can easily remove what you cannot reach with a dishwashing sponge.'Eye.Once it's done.Wash your garlic press with soap and water to remove garlic juice, tips stuck to the surface, and odor.

Use a small brush

If you have a wooden or plastic dish brush, it might come in handy here - with its fine, long bristles it can easily reach inside the holes and spaces between the teeth of your press.garlic.Put your utensil under hot water (or in a basin to save energy) and exert pressure and friction with the brush at the level of the holes.The bristles of the brush should have the same effects as the treatment teeth and remove any garlic remains hidden in the openings.You can also use this method with a used or purchased toothbrush for the occasion.Prefer a small head and one whose bristles are not so tight for a optimal result.

Posted Date: 2021-01-19

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