Event equipment rental in Bordeaux: what’s on offer?

Bordeaux’s event equipment rental services come into play when not all event companies are supposed to have common equipment and everything that a particular project needs, but what do they offer? What makes them so necessary in the event business?

In addition to the environment in which it takes place, the equipment is a crucial aspect in the very functioning of any event project in Bordeaux. The equipment is always found next to the events and service providers working to perfect an event. Consisting of a good number of pieces of equipment and a set of furniture with precise characteristics, it makes up the entire logistical system of an event, whether we’re talking about weddings, company meetings, team building seminars or a simple birthday party, among others.

Rental of event equipment Bordeaux: the various services

The equipment rental segment for events in Bordeaux consists of a good list of categories of goods and equipment, with rental services offering not only used equipment, but also less common equipment to bring more added value to the event.

Event furniture

These are the main materials used in an event setting, to provide comfort for the guests (chairs, tables, etc.).in addition, they make participants feel at ease (lectern, seats, etc.).Event furniture rental agencies in Bordeaux also offer marquees, furniture, decorative effects, etc.

Rental of event equipment in Bordeaux: sound and light equipment

The sound system guarantees the audibility of each speaker, ambient music, etc. The lighting service is often an accessory, for example, lighting is necessary to illuminate the outside at night but also to maximise the interior lighting atmosphere thanks to the play of light… In many cases, the sound and lighting equipment is offered by the same rental service.

Table and culinary equipment

Guests at a party or event are often invited to take “something”, or to taste whole dishes… This is the case for, sit-down or stand-up meals, cocktails, bar service… Rental of crockery and cutlery is common in an event setting. Other types of events such as culinary team building or cooking workshops for children can induce needs for kitchen equipment. But you can also buy second-hand equipment and utensils for your personal kitchen.

Entertainment equipment

The organizer or event agency may have to rent separate equipment to entertain the public and maximize their satisfaction, such as a children’s playground, indoor equipment for escape games or other fun activities, etc.


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